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Eugene Charles Bonamy and Paul Broca



Eugene Charles Bonamy , born 12 January 1808 in Nantes and died 27 September 1861 in Beaufort-en-Vallée 1 , is a doctor French , author of medical books.

Son of Pierre Bonamy, captain pirate and Fortunée Dosset du Breuil, and grand-son of François Bonamy , he became the doctor workhouse , and professor at the School of Medicine of Nantes.

He chaired the Academic Society and founded the Societe Industrielle de Nantes .

He married Victoire Bourgeois L'Epinay, daughter of General baron Pierre-Joseph Bourgeois and Victory Guillon.


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  • Report proven by workers shareholders fraternal diseases since 1 st December 1840 until 1 st December 1841 Nantes. impr. C. Mellinet, 1843 .
  • Atlas of Descriptive Anatomy of the Human Body . Masson Paris 1844 - in 1866 four volumes. (With Paul Broca and Émile Beau ). 
    • Volume I: Osteology, syndesmologie, Myology 
    • Volume II: Heart, arteries, veins, lymphatic vessels and fascia. 
    • Volume III: The apparatus of digestion, adrenal system, kidney 
    • Volume IV: Genito-urinary, respiratory organs.
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  • An epidemic in the last century from the notes of François Bonamy ... Comments by Dr. Eugene Bonamy. Nantes - Ms Fr Mellinet, 1886 .